We are Becki Nevin (www.wonderlustproject.org) and Verena van den Berg (www.verenavuori.com).

We both work from sensory experience as a starting point to relate to other people and the world.


We produce land-, process- and community based projects through our collective name Shared Ground. Objectives of this collective are:

  • to offer a wide public a chance to explore their relationship to themselves, other people, the biosphere and non human life through a variety of media and activities.
  • to deliver high quality art activities to communities aimed at finding each person’s own creative voice and learning life skills, such as self-confidence, problem solving and constructive communication through creative exploration.
  • to encourage its members and non members involved on a project basis to work collaboratively to develop and inspire new ideas by offering support and expertise in a safe and constructive environment.
  • to support long term development of sustainable, land-based creative and educational practices by engaging in dialogues with institutions, organisations, scientists, educators and artists.
  • to research how art can explore and promote ways of living together otherwise (both human to human and human to non-human).